My name is Statler. I am tall, bald, sometimes old, and often like the grumpy old man in the balcony from the Muppet’s: Mr. Statler.

StatlerandWaldorf(2)For years I wandered the Yellow Brick Road in search of the great and powerful OZ only I was lost on “Grand Tour” that took me years longer than I could have imagined. Along the way I fell in love with an artist. We share 3 young children on a Confederate farm from an  American Gothic version of  the Addams Family: yes I am bald and own suspenders and a pitchfork.

Life is like an upside down clock

Life is like an upside down clock

So this is my world and welcome to it. You might find a unicorn in my garden and the Men in White cotton waiting to take you away. This goes with growing up in the same town as James Thurber. The sign above the gate says, “Magic Theater, for madmen only, enter at your own risk.”  Yes, I read Steppenwolf and  I did walk through the gates of hell into that strange and mystical world Hesse described.


For me life has been a strange journey from heaven to hell and back again gathering strange objects. Now has come a time for me to study and research them and to find many new caretakers for some of these strange incantations. Along the way of passing them on, I am creating a journal about some of these items and the mysteries about them.

A designer for the Twilight Zone, once stumbled upon my grandfathers clock shop where the sign in the window said, “If you think it is junk, please come in and price it”. There is an old family story that they never saw the designer again. Sometimes I think I hear movement inside of one of grandfathers old clocks, but it always seem to stop ticking when I go near it.

Owning “things” can be like the chains of Joseph Marley in Dickens a Christmas Tale: they came to us innocently enough, but now take far too much time to care for. There comes a time to decide what to keep, what to pass on, and what to sell. This sorting process is cleansing for the soul. For me, many of these things are more important to research and document than to own. This web site is dedicated to that process and a few additioal personal thoughts..

First rule is to remember that what is being sold is a priceless heirloom and what is being bought is “junk.” The rest is a game, that should be fun.

When you are as beautiful as my daughter, it is worth bending over for her to tie my necktie and to stop for a moment being a grumpy old man.

When you are as beautiful as my daughter, it is worth bending over for her to tie my necktie and to stop for a moment being a grumpy old man.


Amazing what I can see when I draw……………….


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